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Chaos in Wood (Digital Sculpture)

These pieces were influenced by String Theory. Where time is not a straight line, from past to future, but more like a ball of string.

Where the strings cross you can jump from future to present to past. It is totally random. I saw this as an analogy of life

An example: meeting new or old friends in unexpected circumstance. Your paths may never meet again. I find these random events fascinating.

The inter-actions of the wire are totally up to fate where they cross & inter-twine.

Symbolises a time line where paths can intercross, they may or may not meet again. The fact that there is no start or finish, no future or past, just the present. Time is always relative !

Photoshop work
Chaos in Wood  (Digital Sculpture)
Chaos in Water (Digital Sculpture)Chaos in Water (Digital Sculpture)

One In Another

I would like my work to be displayed outside in the elements. The atmosphere is better because the mood of the work changes with the weather, these pieces would look quite menacing. Looming out of the darkness between the trees.

I would like the fact that you can come across a universe by accident. Totally unexpected in unexpected places.

One Universe within another.

It's not the Space, which surrounds them, but the Internal Space, which is more important to me.

Photoshop work
7 x 100

7 x 100 was shown at an exhibition in Manchester called INTERIM.
I was inspired by the theory of the expanding universe where the universe will endlessly expand until it cannot hold its self together.

Each one of these spheres contains ONE HUNDRED METRES OF WIRE each globe is bound looser than the one before, slowly expanding the size but using the same amount of matter.

The Universe is mostly made out of dark matter, which is the bits you cannot see, the gaps, the nothingness, this nothingness is very important to me in my art. The universe would end by simply falling apart.

It's not the Space which surrounds them but the Internal Space which is much more important to me.
7 x 100


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