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Cyborg Head (Digital Sculpture)

A large part of my inspiration for my work has come from scientific books, all of which deal with the ideas of Robo Sapiens and A.I.

1. 'Robo Sapiens Evolution of a New Species' by Peter Menzel and Faith D'Aluisio.

2. 'Cyborg Citizen : Politics in the Posthuman Age', 2002, by Chris Hables Gray.

3. 'The Emperor's New Mind' , 1999, by Roger Penrose.

This has enforced my ideas of evolution, where only the fittest survive. With computers becoming more & more powerful in only a couple of decades. Our reliance on technology has changed much of the World in just one generation.

We invent Robo Sapiens' where we will introduce technology into the body.

Self Portrait By Craig Clarke. Image Photoshop (Digital Sculpture)
Cyborg Head  (Digital Sculpture)
The Next Great Evolutionary Step!

My works are trying to explore what could happen when mankind takes the next great evolutionary step!

People are becoming more technology reliant, Internet & communication via electronic wires, chat rooms, texting etc., Generally more reliant on machines!

My idea is that people's minds & bodies will eventually evolve into a more electronic form.

If you have a problem with your body you will not need to go to a hospital you will just have an upgrade


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